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Stay: Photo Essay

By Christine Pemberton

Bandhavgarh, the land of tigers, is a national park in Madhya Pradesh, which proudly lays claim to having the highest density of big cats in the world.
With the origins of this region of central India set in the far-off mythology of Lord Ram & Lord Lakshman, Bandhavgarh is now a magnet for everyone who loves wildlife, and the call of the jungle. This is quintessential tiger country.
Published: 2nd May 2017.

Tigergarh Resort Cottage exterior

The pretty boutique resort of Tigergarh, close to tiny Ranchha village, although serving visitors who come to see wildlife is firmly rooted in the natural ethos of the region. Surrounded by forests and farmland, this 6 cottage resort aims, in their own words "to orchestrate nature and not mutilate or manipulate it." Tigergarh’s mission statement is unequivocably clear. “Along with providing a luxurious experience in the midst of abundant natural beauty and heritage, sustenance or a “responsible footprint” is our dictum at Tigergarh.”

Tigergarh Resort - tribal dance around camp fire

Visitors to Tigergarh come not just in the hope of seeing tiger, but also to learn about the region and the villages, and the way of life of the people of Bandhavgarh. Villagers have been trained in the hospitality business, and are proud to share their region and their culture with visitors.

Tiger on Tigergahr Safari

Jeep safaris into Bandhavgarh National Park and, hopefully, a tiger sighting are, without a doubt, the highlight of a visit to Tigergarh.

Tigergarh Resort tea time

Whether you opt to do a nature walk, or learn about butterflies, go for a bullock cart ride or try your hand at pottery, one thing is an intrinsic part of the fabric of Tigergarh - learning to slow down, unwind and relax. Surrounded by such natural beauty, it is a joy to sit and watch nature all around you.

Tigergarh Resort cottage interior

Tigergarh’s six cottages are elegantly but simply furnished, in a style that blends in with the surroundings. There is a firm commitment to an organic lifestyle.

Tigergarh Resort dip pool

Take a cooling dip in the plunge pool, with a backdrop of the forested hills of Bandhavgarh. Or snooze in the hammock. The unwinding options are endless.

Tigergarh Resort Village walk

The owner and the staff of Tigergarh encourage their guests to interact with their neighbours and organize village walks, so that urbanites can get a glimpse into how the folk of Bandhavgarh live.

Tigergarh Resort - bottle wall in restaurant

When you have tigers on your doorstep, you might think there are no further statements necessary. But the people at Tigergarh beg to disagree. They have what interior designers would call a “statement wall.” This is a wall of used beer-bottles, created in the dining area, symbolizing the need to recycle. Recycling, re-using, growing organically - these are all part of the credo of this resort.

Tigergarh Resort - dining by candlelight

Al fresco dinners by candlelight, with the thrilling knowledge that there are tigers not too far away – the perfect end to a day spent in the outdoors.

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