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Delhi resident Mahima Kaul shows American tourist Lauren Core some of what Delhi has to offer!


About Segment 1:
Mahima Kaul and Lauren Core explore Delhi in 24 hours. Mahima relives some childhood memories at Lodhi garden and meets some regulars there. Lauren meets her at the India Habitat Centre.


About Segment 2:
Delhi’s famous Khan Market is full of interesting shops and this is Lauren and Mahima’s next stop. Mahima grew up in Delhi and introduces Lauren (American tourist) to some of the market’s surprises but Lauren also has something up her sleeve.


About Segment 3:
Midival Punditz is a well known Delhi band – Gaurav Raina, one of the band members shares their musical journey. Lauren and Mahima quiz Gaurav about introducing off-beat rhythms to a ‘Bhangra hungry’ Delhi crowd.


About Segment 4:
Delhi has been called a living museum and in this segment, our hosts Mahima and Lauren explore the historic side of Delhi. They hear some lesser known facts from Kanika Singh of Delhi heritage walks.


About Segment 5:
Lauren gets her bespoke visiting cards and Mahima gets a surprise. Their day ends in the by-lanes of Khan Market. Check out for some cool stops like Good Earth, Anokhi, Mamagato and some cool cafes here.





CW Pencil Enterprise

CW Pencil Enterprise: Photo Essay

We all have a nostalgic "pencil" story" that is a knock on the doors of our childhood. The pencil is lost in today's world but far from the madding crowd there is shop that is all about pencils. Indulge Now

Free School Under the bridge

The Free School under the Bridge, Delhi: Photo Essay

Sanvi Bhatia, a seven year old photo-journalist debuts on bring home stories. She writes about a unique school in Delhi. Located under the Yamuna bridge more than two hundred children study here for free. Here's the story.

Pickled PPepper Image

Pickled PPepper: Video

Most of us can not imagine what it must be like to struggle with speech.Abhiskek Anid Dutta's film on the Indian stammering association (TISA) sheds some light on people struggling with words. Watch

Brass Pots  image

The Hada of Uchhehra: Photo Essay

The one-of-a-kind story about the equally unique pots of dowry, handmade in the Indian heartland. Take a look.

Stamp Auction image

Stamp Auction: Photo Essay

Delhi recently played host to Stamp World 2014 complete with a rare stamps auctions. A photo-essay gives you an inside view of this inconspicuous world. See more!

Playing Cards image

Playing Cards: Photo Essay

From a quirky fixation to elaborate conspiracy theories, the world of lost playing cards is one that has a surprising number of takers and as many stories. Brazillian designer Lucas tells his story! See more!


For A While, Himachal


Societe Naturelle


Sunder Nursery, New Delhi


Madan Meena


Jamini Design, Paris Zo Fidji


CW Pencil Enterprise



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