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Eat: Photoessay

By Christine Pemberton
Set within a garden, far removed from the chaos of Jaipur, lies a little treasure called Bar Palladio. This jewel-box of a restaurant, with its tented pavilions, intimate salons, and classic martinis has quickly become Jaipur’s newest, and chicest, destination.
It is the perfect fusion of classic European elegance with an unmistakable Indian twist (that would be the peacocks wandering through the garden.)
Come, let’s go sit in the gardens of Jaipur’s Narain Niwas and experience Bar Palladio for ourselves.

Bar Palladio Image

At first glance Bar Palladio look Indian, then – no, wait - European, then – no, actually, Indian. Relax. It’s the perfect fusion creation, succeeding aesthetically at both levels.

Bar Palladio Image

For a moment you wonder if you haven’t stumbled across a gallery of Audobon paintings, so beautiful are the murals inside Bar Palladio. Designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans, the bar is owned by Barbara Miolini from Switzerland and Indrajeet Singh Jawli, and the friendship and shared design aesthetics of the two European women is evident in the finished product.

Bar Palladio Image

Why not let Barbara Molini tell you what she envisaged for Bar Palladio?
“The feeling of the bar is really that of a European folly from the 17th century, the time when Europe was looking for new and exotic images of the world— this sort of fantastic Orientalist gaze. We have real sought to highlight the Mughal design elements, but package them in a really European way.”

Bar Palladio Image

Ms Molini’s inspiration?
”Caffé Florian and Harry’s Bar, both in Venice; I have always loved the atmosphere of these two places because they are at the same time incredibly elegant, but lacking in all pretense; places where people really slow down and get comfortable.”

Bar Palladio Image

And the location?
“I knew I could not open this place without the perfect location, a place that would really leave people quietly breathless. This did not come easy, but I eventually found the perfect location in the heritage hotel property of Narain Niwas, a 1928 palace in the centre of the city.”

Bar Palladio Image

Bar Palladio has quickly established itself as a space where people meet and meet again. A space with an intimate atmosphere, with engaging conversation, and stimulating company. A recent addition are the evenings of carefully curated music, such as the recent "Tangos de Banjara" by the Italian group Almoraima.

Bar Palladio Image

With its bright blue walls, delicate brass lanterns, and its wandering peacocks Palladio’s atmosphere is something very contemporary that looks to a hybrid past for inspiration— a sort of Rajasthani Rococo.

Bar Palladio Image

Let Barbara Molini have the last word on her creation:
“I wanted the Bar to have that sense of history being present but not out of place in contemporary times. I didn’t want to create a museum piece, I wanted to see this place come alive.”
Mission accomplished.





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