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Design: Photo

By Christine Pemberton

“…ecology cannot be coded, it is an attitude, an understanding of ourselves and the environment…”
And with these words, Ayush Kasliwal, a Jaipur based designer, takes you right to the heart of his company’s design philosophy.
“It is important to take measures to prevent ecological degradation - be it cultural, economical, environmental, or any other sphere, keeping in mind that we need to evolve and grow.”
Welcome to the stylish and thoughtful world of AnanTaya.
Date Published: 3rd November 2016

Anantaya Image

Nothing could be more classically Indian than a thali, and yet here it has been re-invented with a playful twist. Inspired by the classic pearl earrings from the Deccan, the crescent moon thali nestles inside the full moon thali, and has become a work of art.
Stylish. Indian. Different. Practical (that would be the handle to carry this lovely piece).

Anantaya Image

Less than a decade ago, Ayush Kasliwal and his architect wife Geetanjali, launched AnanTaya, the retail arm of their already very successful design and manufacturing company, AKDPL. Based in Jaipur, but selling to the world, this dynamic couple is passionate about ethical and eco design.

Anantaya Image

Ayush again, in his own words : “It is important for us to use- 'less'……..and to use more of less, like reusing, like getting things that last.”

Anantaya Image

“Another aspect which is very important and dear to us is how things are made, who makes them, and do they do this out of choice, or circumstance.”

Anantaya Image

“India as a country has a long tradition of making, and it is upon us, the young design people to take this forward into the centuries to come.”

Anantaya Image

Rooted in ancient craft practices, the collection is infused with Indian culture and a sense of place while being designed for contemporary international lifestyle.

Anantaya Image

Through passionate business practices, working with skilled artisans, AnanTaya redefines existing local craft traditions and artisan communities by providing design, technology, capital, and creative collaboration.

Anantaya Image

This lovely creation is called a corset chair, a nod to the 19th century garment used to shape the body, because this chair also adapts to the shape of the occupant. And in case you’re wondering, they have used car seat belt webbing.

Anantaya Image

The star of this composition is the “eena meena deeka” table a playful homage to the words of a popular song in the 1957 Bollywood movie “Asha.”

Anantaya Image

You will find the work of Ayush Kasliwal in stores and galleries all over the world - London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York. But the heart of the creation and inspiration remains Indian and so the world beats a path to Jaipur.





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