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Bring Home Stories Content: ART

Madan Meena Photo Essay

Madan Meena: Photo Essay

The Indian state of Rajasthan has always inspired artists because of a rich tapestry of tradition and culture. It is here that artist Madan Meena gets his inspiration from. A look at his work.

Jagannath Panda

Jagannath Panda Artist:Video

Kathryn Myers- Fullbright scholar and artist interviews contemporary Indian painter and sculptor Jagannath Panda. Jagannath talks about the elements that paint a narrative that intricately weaves the opposites to create a whole. Watch

Bakula Nayak reading a book

Bakula Nayak Artist: Photo Essay

The seven notes of Carnatic music, teapots, Pichhwai art and Frida Kahlo are some of the things that inspire artist, Bakula Nayak.Her art beautifully explores the canvas between history and the contemporary where people turn into birds. View.

Cooperative Consciousness A.I.R. Gallery Kochi 2017

Cooperative Consciousness: Photo Essay

A.I.R. was the first all female cooperative gallery in the United States. It was founded in 1972. The gallery is at Kochi Biennale this year and Kathryn Myers, curator of the AIR exhibition in Kochi tells their story. View.

Kalam Patua Image

Kalam Patua, Kalighat Paintings: Video

"You have to get everything right in one stroke, there is no room for error" says, Artist Kalam Patua about Kalighat paintings. A glimpse into the style of painting from Bengal. View.

Pintu Sikder Image

Pintu Sikder Artist: Photo Essay

Christine Pemberton writes about artist Pintu Sikder's amazing sculptures. His exhibition is on in the Triveni gallery in Delhi till 18th January. And, you have to read the photo essay to know about the scale of his humble process. View.

Manisha Parekh Image

Manisha Parekh Artist: Video

Manisha Parekh is a Delhi based artist.Working with handmade paper and organic material, she creates minimal works whose innate energy recalls natural rhythms and biomorphic forms. View.

JJ Valaya at the Threshold Gallery image

JJ Valaya 'Revisiting Beauty' Exhibition: Photo Essay

India's leading fashion designer, JJ Valaya recreates the royal era on the streets of Delhi, in an art exhibition at Threshold gallery. View

Fragments Exhibition image

Fragments and Fragmentation Exhibition: Video

Fragments and Fragmentation exhibition showcases the works of artists Kathryn Myers and Gopika Nath. The exhibition opened at gallery art and aesthetics in New Delhi on 6th August 2015. Watch

Vineet Kacker image

Vineet Kacker Ceramic Artist: Video

Vineet Kacker talks to Kathryn Myers about his permanent art installation at Westin Spa in Delhi. Watch.

Strokes of the EasT image

Strokes of the East Exhibition: Video

Bring Home Stories presents its first art exhibition "The strokes of the East" in collaboration with Sangeeta K's art gallery. Watch.

Farooqi Calligrapher image

Farooqi Calligraphy Artist: Video

National Award-winning calligrapher Irshad Hussain Farooqi takes calligraphy to a whole new level by carving Islamic scriptures on huge wooden discs to create masterpieces of art and craftsmanship. Watch

Gopika Nath image

Gopika Nath Textile Artist: Video

Gopika Nath, Textile Artist weaves a tapestry of words as she talks about her art. In conversation with Kathryn Myers,Professor of Art, The University of Connecticut-Storrs. Watch!

Chicory Chai image

Chicory Chai Art Jewellery: Video

Chicory Chai is an art jewellery label that finds inspiration in memories, stories and intricate details. We talk to the founder, Himani Mantri Grover. Watch!

Image Dinesh Khanna

Dinesh Khanna Photographer: Video

A conversation with Dinesh Khanna, the photographer/artist. What amazes you about him is his work that can not be put into a "box". Watch

Prabuddha Dasgupta image

Delhi Photo Festival 2013: Video

The second edition of Delhi Photo Festival will begin on 27th September 2013. We talked to Festval Founder, Dinesh Khanna about the festival and the journey so far. See more!

Asim Waqif image

Asim Waqif Artist: Video

Urban commentator? Artist? Architect? Social activist? None of these can truly convey the depth and excitement that Asim brings to each of his projects. See more!

Delhi 100 Images image

Delhi 100: Photo Contest

We celebrated the city of New Delhi on its 100th anniversary with a photography contest in 2011. The brief was simple - "submit a picture that shows Old and New Delhi in a single frame". We got many thought-provoking and beautiful entries! The winner was Neha Chaudhary.


For A While Cottages, Himachal

For A While Cottages: Photo Essay


Societe Naturelle

Societe Naturelle: Photo Essay


Sunder Nursery, New Delhi

Sunder Nursery, New Delhi: Photo Essay


Madan Meena

Madan Meena Artist: Photo Essay


Jamini Design, Paris Zo Fidji

Jamini Design, Paris : Photo Essay


CW Pencil Enterprise

Free School under the Bridge: Photo


Where is Abhishek?


Travel Contest image

Travel Writing Contest: March 2015




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