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For A While, Himachal

For A While Cottages, Himachal: Photo Essay

Deodar forest views, crisp Himachali oranges and warm hospitality are the signature of "for a while cottages". And, you can also try your hand at pottery at the ceramic centre. Christine Pemberton has more on these dream cottages in Kullu.

Sunder Nursery, New Delhi

Sunder Nursery, New Delhi: Photo Essay

Just opposite the UNESCO heritage site of Humayun's tomb in Delhi is a botanical marvel - Sunder nursery. We walk you through this recently restored green paradise.

Madan Meena Photo Essay

Madan Meena: Photo Essay

The Indian state of Rajasthan has always inspired artists because of a rich tapestry of tradition and culture. It is here that artist Madan Meena gets his inspiration from. A look at his work.

Jamini Design, Paris Zo Fidji

Jamini Design, Paris: Photo Essay

A window to Indian culture in Paris that is what Jamini design eloquently does. Christine Pemberton gets this Parisian story that is rooted in India. More.

Uttam Nagar Potters Colony

Uttam Nagar Potter's Colony: Photo Essay

India's largest potters colony can be found in Uttam Nagar in Delhi. More than four hundred potters play with earth and fire here. Sanvi Bhatia, our eight year old correspondent brings the story.

Jagannath Panda

Jagannath Panda Artist:Video

Kathryn Myers- Fullbright scholar and artist interviews contemporary Indian painter and sculptor Jagannath Panda. Jagannath talks about the elements that paint a narrative that intricately weaves the opposites to create a whole. Watch

Societe Naturelle

Societe Naturelle Honey: Photo Essay

'A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.' said Winnie the Pooh. We have found the perfect people who will ensure that your pot always has delicious honey. Now, all you have to do is wonder about your friends. .

The Savista Hotel, Rajasthan

Savista, Rajasthan: Photo Essay

Savista is an eco-retreat in Jaipur with a focus on design and curated local experiences to cherish. Spread across twelve acres the retreat has farm-to-fork philosophy. Christine Pemberton tells all

3 Clive Road, Tea Company

NUEVA, Delhi: Photo Essay

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. And, it is true for the recently opened restaurant Nueva in Delhi. Each dish here tells a story of the many regions in South America. Do visit and surround yourself with love..

Views from The Kumaon Hotel, Uttarakhand

The Kumaon, Uttarakhand: Photo Essay

A new hotel that has impeccable design elements that borrow inspiration from local materials opens in Binsar. The Kumaon is a retreat with an eye on the Himalayas. Experience the mountains and the Kumaon Culture. View.

Dadhikar Fort, Rajasthan

Dadhikar Fort: Photo Essay

Restoration of an old property is not for the faint-hearted. You have to make patience your companion, have passion for heritage and be prepared for architectural set-backs. Christine Pemberton tells the story of Dadhikar fort hotel - a property restored with lot of love. View.

Bakula Nayak reading a book

Bakula Nayak Artist: Photo Essay

The seven notes of Carnatic music, teapots, Pichhwai art and Frida Kahlo are some of the things that inspire artist, Bakula Nayak.Her art beautifully explores the canvas between history and the contemporary where people turn into birds. View.

Tigergarh Resort, Bandhavgarh

Tigergarh Resort: Bandhavgarh: Photo Essay

We like to highlight properties that are involved in providing unique experiences to people while being committed to responsible tourism. Tigergarh in Bandhavgarh is one such beautiful property that engages with the wilderness sustainably. View.

Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs: Photo Essay

Mahatma Gandhi once said, " There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and happiness". This quote is the vision behind Jaipur Rugs, a fairtrade company. More.

Larisa Resort - Himachal Pradesh

Larisa Resort: Himachal Pradesh: Photo Essay

Beautiful mountains, cuisine dressed with vegetables from the property, crisp, clean air and Yoga sessions that make you feel alive.Sounds like heaven - that is La Ri Sa Resort in Manali for you. View.

Cooperative Consciousness A.I.R. Gallery Kochi 2017

Cooperative Consciousness: Photo Essay

A.I.R. was the first all female cooperative gallery in the United States. It was founded in 1972. The gallery is at Kochi Biennale this year and Kathryn Myers, curator of the AIR exhibition in Kochi tells their story. View.

Anantaya Decor Jaipur

Anantaya Decor, Jaipur: Photo Essay

Anantaya, a Jaipur based design house is not only rooted in tradition but also brings in the contemporary touch to its designs. Their sustainable design focus on "less is more" - a refreshing change in a country where "more" is still the norm. .

CW Pencil Enterprise

CW Pencil Enterprise: Photo Essay

We all have a nostalgic "pencil" story" that is a knock on the doors of our childhood. The pencil is lost in today's world but far from the madding crowd there is shop that is all about pencils. Indulge Now

Himalayan Trout House

Himalayan Trout House: Photo Essay

The Himalayan Trout house promises misty mountains, sparkling streams and waterfalls and as Christine Pemberton discovers the retreat delivers much more. Oh and don't forget the joy of fishing.

3 Clive Road, Tea Company

3 Clive Road, Delhi: Photo Essay

No 3 Clive Road is more than a box of tea. It is the smell of sweet surprise that is like a trip down memory lane that ends at 3 Clive Road. More about this exciting brand by Radhika Chopra. .

Theobroma  Mumbai

Theobroma, Mumbai: Photo Essay

Christine Pemberton explores "food of the gods" in Bombay. We know the city is officially Mumbai now but somehow Bombay has a ring of nostalgia laced with all things sugar and spice. Here's the story.

White Champa Fashion

White Champa : Photo Essay

White Champa design brand is a celebration of artisanal skills, aesthetics and a friendship that transcends borders. Christine Pemberton brings to us the story..

Kalam Patua Image

Kalam Patua, Kalighat Paintings: Video

"You have to get everything right in one stroke, there is no room for error" says, Artist Kalam Patua about Kalighat paintings. A glimpse into the style of painting from Bengal. View.

Rakkh Boutique Lodge

Rakkh Boutique Lodge: Video/Photo

A new resort in Himachal Pradesh brings to you the culture and experience of this beautiful land with the aesthetics of contemporary design. We bring to you the Rakkh story. View.

Humayuns Tomb Cover image

Humayun's Tomb: Photo Essay

Delhi has witnessed some monsoon kisses and the monuments look washed and are smiling again. The newly renovated Humayun's tomb is the perfect heritage spot to step back into time. View

The Artists' House Goa

The Artists' House: Photo Essay

Just a small ride away from Goa's Ashwem beach is the beautiful homestay the Artists house. Lovingly built by artists Shilpa and Pradeep Naik. The home is an inspiration for people who love art, antiques and a serene life. View.

Cannes Film Festival Cover image

Cannes Film Festival: Photo Essay

Every year in May people from the cinema world throng the city of Cannes for the most coveted festival. Deals and Drama make the city a fantasy land. View

Hobo Design, Bali Logo

Hobo Design, Bali: Photo Essay

Indonesian local resources combine with European chic and the result is the Hobo stores - sustainable, eclectic and beautiful designs. A must stop shop for design lovers when you are next in Bali Read the Hobo design story.

Free School Under the bridge

The Free School under the Bridge, Delhi: Photo Essay

Sanvi Bhatia, a seven year old photo-journalist debuts on bring home stories. She writes about a unique school in Delhi. Located under the Yamuna bridge more than two hundred children study here for free. Here's the story.

Cafe Zoe Mumbai

Cafe Zoe, Mumbai: Photo Essay

There is something comforting about sitting in a space with high ceilings with sun sneaking in through big windows. That is Cafe Zoe for you, an ode to Bombay's Industrial heritage and critically acclaimed for the food and wine. Here's the story.

Safomasi Designer Label

Safomasi Designer: Photo Essay

Stories, travel and love for design are the things that come to mind when you pick up a Safomasi design. After just over an year in business the Safomasi team picked up the coveted Elle Deco International design award. We bring to you Safomasi story.

Gupta Sugarcane Shop Mumbai

Gupta Sugarcane: Photo Essay

"Nano", "Varanas" and "Sagar" are just not popular Indian names. At Gupta Sugarcane in Mumbai they are used as a measure for sugarcane juice. The popular shop attracts people from all over the world who come to sample the famous "gane ka rus".

Sardar Samand Lake Palace Hotel Rajhastan

Sardar Samand Lake Palace Hotel: Photo Essay

Sardar Samand is a charming heritage hotel in the city of Jodhpur. Described as 'a meticulously preserved time capsule from the 1930s' this retreat is an ode to the art deco style. Christine Pemberton has the story.

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

Fizzy Goblet Juttis: Photo Essay

Colourful, interesting and fun - the "jutti" breaks the class and caste barriers and is loved by all. We bring to you Fizzy Goblet with their twist on the "jutti"..

Kunafa Arabic Cafe Delhi Video

Kunafa Arabic Cafe, Delhi: Video

Ingredients, smell and texture not only tell the story of a meal. They also tell a tale of civilisations and lives rolled in between. Kunafa, an Arabic cafe in Delhi is one such story.

28 Kothi Guesthouse Jaipur

28 Kothi Guesthouse, Jaipur: Photo Essay

28 Kothi is a new boutique guest house in Jaipur. It opened its elegant doors to guests this year in January. Christine Pemberton has this exclusive story.

Anokhi image

Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing: Photo Essay

Each region in Rajasthan has years of association with hand block printing. Kind of Dyes and the blocks used change with every mile. This has now been meticulously documented at the Anokhi museum. View

Pintu Sikder Image

Pintu Sikder Artist: Photo Essay

Christine Pemberton writes about artist Pintu Sikder's amazing sculptures. His exhibition is on in the Triveni gallery in Delhi till 18th January. And, you have to read the photo essay to know about the scale of his humble process. View.

Manisha Parekh Image

Manisha Parekh Artist: Video

Manisha Parekh is a Delhi based artist.Working with handmade paper and organic material, she creates minimal works whose innate energy recalls natural rhythms and biomorphic forms. View.

Icehotel Image

Ice Hotel: Photo Essay

The Icehotel is a hotel built each year with snow and ice in the village of Jukkasjarvi, in northern Sweden, about 17 kilometres from Kiruna. It is the world's first ice hotel. Christine Pemberton welcomes you to the world of Snice.

Serendipity Store image

Serendipity Store, Delhi: Photo Essay

Delhi is a study in contrasts, one moment you are walking on a dirt road and the next you are sitting in a cool cafe with polished marble floors. Serendipity, the concept store is a bit like that - while you are navigating through chaos you suddenly come face to face with this charming "Haveli". Read More.

Ranvas Naguar image

Ranvas Naguar: Photo Essay

In Rajasthan stones sing while peacocks dance. And, the Ranvas heritage hotel in Nagaur is one such place where you can enjoy all the modern luxury while being in the landscape of tradition. Christine Pemberton tells the story.

Mary Budden Estate image

Mary Budden Estate: Photo Essay

In the hills of the Kumaon there is a beautiful homestay, the Mary Budden Estate, described by travellers as "Uttarakhand's best kept secret". Here the stars touch the ground as the crisp, clean air whispers "welcome". Christine Pemberton writes about this hideaway.

Bar palladio

Bar Palladio, Jaipur: Photo Essay

Bar Palladio is a peacock blue restaurant set within the grounds of Jaipur's Narain Niwas Hotel. What takes your breath away are the interiors, they are a delicious fusion of the "east and the west". Christine Pemberton visits the bar and comes back with the story.

Lavaash image

Lavaash by Saby, Delhi: Photo Essay

Lavaash by Saby is the new restaurant hitting the right buzz notes in India's capital. Rubbing shoulders with the Qutab Minar and dishes that dig into India's Armenian connect, this place is full of culinary stories. Find out more!

Bathukamma Video Image

Bathukamma Flower Festival, Telangana: Video

The young state of Telangana in India celebrated the festival of flowers or "Bathukamma" in October. We found out that there is more to festival than singing and dancing. View

The tea place image

Tea Place by Manjushree, Delhi: Photo Essay

For travellers, one place sometimes becomes a dot that connects other dots or places. In this photo essay, Chihwei Yu, writes about a Tea boutique in Delhi and how it reminds her of similar places in her home country - Taiwan. Find out more

Tiffinware cover  image

Tiffinware: Photo Essay

The moment someone says "Tiffins and Colour" memories of train journeys across India bloom like flowers. What would happen if you mix all the three - Tiffins + Colour + Flowers? Christine Pemberton finds out.

Underwater Room image

Underwater Room: Photo Essay

A floating room in the Ocean, where waves and fish knock on your door...sounds like a dream! The underwater room is a reality, Christine Pemberton tells you more.

Giraffe Manor image

Giraffe Manor: Photo Essay

Imagine,waking up in the morning and getting a kiss..
from who? Christine Pemberton tells you all about it.

dushamukha in Delhi 6 image

Dushamukha in Delhi 6 Performative Walk: Video

Bring Home Stories and Darwesh bring to you "Dushamukha" walk in Delhi 6 on the 17th of October 2015. It is the season of performances from the Ramayana and we will be exploring lesser-known narratives. View

JJ Valaya at the Threshold Gallery image

JJ Valaya 'Revisiting Beauty' Exhibition: Photo Essay

India's leading fashion designer, JJ Valaya recreates the royal era on the streets of Delhi, in an art exhibition at Threshold gallery. View

40 Winks Hotel image

40 Winks Hotel: Photo Essay

You have to love a hotel that prides itself on what it does not have. So, if you are in the market for a vanilla-bordering-on-the-bland hotel experience, then we suggest you pass on 40 Winks, a boutique hotel in London's East End. Intrigued?

Satyagraha House image

Satyagraha House: Photo Essay

An incredibly well kept house that connects you with its resident - Mahatma Gandhi.
Christine Pemberton explores the Satyagraha House in South Africa. Find out more

Hidden Gallery image

Hidden Gallery Design Studio: Video

Preeti and Mike Knowles's Hidden Gallery in Delhi is a studio of design experimentation. The gallery was in the news recently for their "pots' that were unveiled at the London Design week 2015. Mike takes us behind the scenes. Watch

Corner Courtyard image

The Corner Courtyard: Video

The Corner Courtyard, a charming boutique hotel that captures the essence of Kolkata. Each room here is a window to the culture and history of Kolkata. Watch

Shades of India image

Shades of India Design Label: Photo Essay

Shades of India, design brand is coveted Internationally for exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovations blending the traditional and the contemporary. Here is the story.

sodabottleopenerwala image

Sodabottleopenerwala Cafe, Delhi: Photo Essay

There are restaurants. And then there's the fabulously named Sodabottleopenerwala in New Delhi's Khan market. Welcome to the world of Irani cafes. Let's push open the door and explore, shall we?

Kayal Island resort image

Kayal Island Retreat: Photo Essay

If you are looking for a window into a different world, and a different rhythm of life, then take a peek through one of these rustic windows into the world of Kayal Island Retreat in Kerala, in south India. See

Pickled PPepper Image

Pickled PPepper: Video

Most of us can not imagine what it must be like to struggle with speech.Abhiskek Anid Dutta's film on the Indian stammering association (TISA) sheds some light on people struggling with words. Watch

Dinner in the Sky image

Dinner in the Sky: Photo Essay

In May 2006, a group of creative folk in Belgium put their heads together and decided to try and create a flying dinner table. And they did. Take a look!

Mittal Teas image

Mittal Teas, Delhi: Photo Essay

For more than half a century, Mittal Teas has not just been selling teas but also telling stories. Take a look.

Aahana resort image

Aahana Resort: Video

Aahana resort is one of the rare properties in India that embrace eco-tourism at a policy. Founded by Kamal Tripathi a native of the Kumaon region this resort is a "natural" gem. Watch

Bombay Sandwich Image image

Decoding the Bombay Sandwich: Photo Essay

In Bombay, there's more to bread and fillings than the Vada Pav. Take a look.

Vineet Kacker image

Vineet Kacker Ceramic Artist: Video

Vineet Kacker talks to Kathryn Myers about his permanent art installation at Westin Spa in Delhi. Watch.

Phool Mandi Tour image

Delhi Flower Market: Bring Home Stories Tour

The first Bring Home Stories 'phool mandi' tour took place on the 28th February 2015. Find out more about this special event!

Strokes of the EasT image

Strokes of the East Exhibition: Video

Bring Home Stories presents its first art exhibition "The strokes of the East" in collaboration with Sangeeta K's art gallery. Watch.

Travel Contest image

Summer Sunset in Shimmering Shimla: Writing

Entry by Anurima Chanda to our Travel Writing Contest. Anurima is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Travel Contest image

The Voice of Timeless Ellora: Writing

Entry by Siddhartha Chakraborti to our Travel Writing Contest. Siddhartha is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Travel Contest image

Withering Away: Writing

Entry by Kiran Bhargava to our Travel Writing Contest. Kiran is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Travel Contest image

From The Eyes of Tomorrow: Writing

Entry by Rajiv K. Mishra to our Travel Writing Contest. Rajiv is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Travel Contest image

Short Story on Life: Writing

Entry by Gaurav Shrestha to our Travel Writing Contest. Gaurav is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Travel Contest image

Serendipity and Soul-searching: Writing

Entry by Prateek Singhal to our Travel Writing Contest. Prateek is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Travel Contest image

Darjeeling is the Goth of East India: Writing

Entry by Jelena Savkovic to our Travel Writing Contest. Jelena is looking for votes to win the contest. Read now!

Tales from Merwan's image

Tales from Merwan's Cafe, Mumbai: Video

A cafe is not only about food and drinks. It is about history, conversations and memories. We talk to two young photographers about their experience of photographing one such cafe in Mumbai. Watch.

Art Ichol image

Art Ichol: Video

Art Ichol, an art residency in Maihar, India opened its doors to artists with its inaugural residency. Bring home stories founder Sapna Bhatia joined a team of artists to get you the story. Watch.

JLF  image

Behind the People, Behind the JLF: Photo Essay

When it's January in India, authors and their fans fly in from all over India and beyond to nest at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Take a look at some of the people who make the event what it is.

Tea Boutique image

Aap Ki Pasand Tea Boutique, Delhi: Photo Essay

Tucked inside the hustle and bustle of OId Delhi is a place that brings back old world charm in one of the most literally refreshing ways possible. Check out Aap Ki Pasand tea boutique! See more!

Stamp Auction image

Stamp Auction: Photo Essay

Delhi recently played host to Stamp World 2014 complete with a rare stamps auctions. A photo-essay gives you an inside view of this inconspicuous world. See more!

Farooqi Calligrapher image

Farooqi Calligraphy Artist: Video

National Award-winning calligrapher Irshad Hussain Farooqi takes calligraphy to a whole new level by carving Islamic scriptures on huge wooden discs to create masterpieces of art and craftsmanship. Watch

Playing Cards image

Playing Cards: Photo Essay

From a quirky fixation to elaborate conspiracy theories, the world of lost playing cards is one that has a surprising number of takers and as many stories. Brazillian designer Lucas tells his story! See more!

Gopika Nath image

Gopika Nath Textile Artist: Video

Gopika Nath, Textile Artist weaves a tapestry of words as she talks about her art. In conversation with Kathryn Myers,Professor of Art, The University of Connecticut-Storrs. Watch!

Medicine Baba image

Medicine Baba: Photo Essay

At an age when it is perfectly acceptable to hang up your boots, seven years ago, Omkarnath merely bought a new pair and started walking the streets of Delhi bringing healthcare to the people for it was least accessible. See more!

Janta Meals image

Janta Meals, Gurgaon: Video

Jesse van de Zand and Apeksha Porwal talk about their start-up Janta Meals. Based in Gurgaon they are redefining the standards of affordable food. See more!

Antique Watch Parts Collection  image

Antique Watch Parts Collection: Photo Essay

Once objects of desire and symbols of stature, these parts of timeless timepieces bearing some of the finest craftsmanship of the Victorian era continue to transcend their call of duty even today. See more!

Kite Club Community image

Kite Club Community: Photo Essay

At times when India gets a long-sought respite from harsh weather elements and skies turn a brilliant shade of blue, scores of kites take to the skies to signal the arrival of festivities. See more!

Chicory Chai image

Chicory Chai Art Jewellery: Video

Chicory Chai is an art jewellery label that finds inspiration in memories, stories and intricate details. We talk to the founder, Himani Mantri Grover. Watch!

Luxury is subjective image

Luxury is Subjective: Writing

Himani Mantri Grover, Founder of Chicory Chai talks about what luxury is! See more!

A day at Kathputli Colony image

A day at Kathputli Colony: Photo Essay

Sapna Bhatia, founder of Bring Home Stories, gives her take on the colony, its people and its situation. See more!

A day at Kathputli Colony image

Kathputli Colony: Where art resides: Writing

Manira chaudhary talks about her experiences of Kathputli colony and the artists who make it so special! See more!

Kathputli Colony Photo Walk image

Kathputli Colony Photo Walk: Photo Essay

Bring Home Stories organised a photo walk in Kathputli Colony. We had seven finalists and the winner was Reema Gill - view her pictures and read what she had to say!

Reema Gill image

Reema Gill Kathputli Colony Interview: Writing

Reema, the winner of the Kathputli Colony Photo Walk, gives us her story. See more!

kathputli Colony image

Kathputli Colony: Video

The moment you mention the word "Kathputli" people in India see magic. Years ago when magicians, artists and puppeteers made a home in Delhi, their colony was called Kathputli Colony. Today, thanks to a government order 3000 families are facing threat of extinction. Watch

Rohan Chhabra  image

Rohan Chhabra Artist: Video

Rohan Chhabra, is the winner of the coveted David Shepherd Foundation's Wild Life artist of the year award 2014 - Endangered Wildlife Category. His winning entry is a Hunter Jacket that turns into an endangered species sculpture. Watch!

Heritage Transport Museum image

Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon: Video

Palanquins, horse carriages, scooters, cars and aeroplanes. It might feel that we are telling you the history of transport but we are talking about the exhibits at India's first heritage transport museum. Watch our interview with Tarun Thakral.

Abynthe Design image

Absynthe Design: Video

Abhisek Basak's design label Absynthe Design brings together a world where each piece has a tale to tell. There are stories about journeys made through different cultures over different moments in time. Watch him talk about his philosophy.

Shruti Soharia Singh image

Shruti Soharia Singh Designer: Writing

She's the creative brains behind the second edition of our Bring Home Stories' Phool Mandi collection. Read up to have a peak into an artist's mind.

PaintJamming image

Paint Jamming by Ispirato Design: Video

Ispirato Design studio brings "Art for everyone" workshops. The first in the series is paint jamming. We captured some colourful moments on camera. Watch

Image Dinesh Khanna

Dinesh Khanna Photographer: Video

A conversation with Dinesh Khanna, the photographer/artist. What amazes you about him is his work that can not be put into a "box". Watch

Vintage Analog Camera Museum image

Vintage Analog Camera Museum, Gurgaon: Video

Imagine being surrounded by 400 vintage cameras, each its own part of the history of photography. That is what it feels like, when you visit the museum in Gurgaon. Aditya Arya, the brains behind the museum, shows us round.

Image of Flowers

Why do we love Flowers: Writing

Sapna Bhatia, Founder of Bring Home Stories talks about flowers, from her childhood to the present day! Read

Discovery of India image

Discovery of India Design Company: Video

Vinati Bhatt talks about discovering India through her design company. She creates beautiful serigraphs that spell elegance and break the usual mould of souvenirs. See more!

Paper Jewelz Image

Paper Jewelz Jewellery Designer: Video

Vrinda Gokhale is a Delhi based jewellery designer. And, the first reaction when people see her jewellery is that of disbelief. Watch her interview to know more about her art.

Indian August image

Indian August Store, Noida: Video

Located in Noida, Indian August is a store that has elegance and charm written all over it. The store is spread over four floors and retails its own brand and some carefully chosen Indian designers. We present the Indian August story.

Prabuddha Dasgupta image

Delhi Photo Festival 2013: Video

The second edition of Delhi Photo Festival will begin on 27th September 2013. We talked to Festval Founder, Dinesh Khanna about the festival and the journey so far. See more!

Anand Prakash Image

Anand Prakash Designer: Writing

What can be more unimaginable than writing on a piece of paper made out of spices, cow dung, rice and jute? This is what Anand Prakash has not just done but excelled in over last 13 years. See more!

Independence Day Image

Independence Day: Video

A glimpse of Independence day celebrations in Delhi. The colours of the Indian flag can be seen written all over the streets. See more!

Mukul Goyal  image

Mukul Goyal Designer: Writing

From scrap to hand crafted brass and designs with a human touch (literally), Mukul Goyal has redefined the Indian home decor. With human figures dominating his products, Goyal has found it easy to reach out to people See more!

Ritu Kumar Image

Ritu Kumar Fashion Designer: Video

It is fair to call Ritu Kumar the First Fashion Designer of India. In her video interview, she talks about the journey so far. Watch

Flower Seller Image

Phool Mandi, Flower Sellers: Video

We spend a day at the Delhi, flower market (phool mandi) and listen to the stories of people who have been in the business of flowers. See more!

Flowers in Bollywood image

Flowers in Bollywood: Video

This short film is a floral tribute to the world of Indian Cinema on its 100th anniversary. Watch

Delhi: A birds eye view image

Delhi: A birds eye view: Video

Through our film contest, Bring it on, Delhi. We invited people of Delhi to send their story ideas. Some of these films were made into short films. But, the film that received top honours is "Delhi: A bird's eye view" by Rizwan Ansari. watch!

Behind the Scenes image

Phool Mandi Behind the Scenes: Video

This is how the first City Inspired Design Collection became a reality! Watch

History of Flowers image

History of Flowers in Delhi:Video

This animation is a trip down the memory lane of the Delhi flower market, commonly known as "phool mandi". Watch

Marigold Image image

Celebration of Marigolds: Video

Marigold flower or "genda" add crisp, golden colour to everyday life in India. See More!

When Flowers Speak image

When Flowers Speak: Writing

"I was sitting with a cup of coffee and a book the other day, when the cover of the book caught my attention - bright red flowers on a beautiful yellow background." Ahana Jawahar talks flowers!

Bring it on Delhi image

Bring It On Delhi - 2013: Video

We challenged the people of Delhi to submit stories to us that could be made into a film. The winning entries had their films produced by Bring Home Stories and got the chance to present on the film. Watch

 Flowers Montage image

Phool Mandi Flower Montage: Video

Enjoy this kaleidoscopic vision of the flowers captured on stills in Delhi that celebrates their colour and vibrance. See

Chunamal Haveli, Delhi image

Chunamal Haveli, Delhi: Video

In the heart of Delhi's Chandni Chowk stands "Chunamal Haveli/Grand Mansion. The Haveli was built in the 1850s by Lala Chunamal, the richest man of Delhi. Click to find out more!

Save Delhi Image

Save Delhi: Video

On the 16th Dec 2012, a 23 year old woman was brutally raped, beaten and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi by four men. While she battled with death, thousands of people protested in Delhi. See more!

DLF Emporio Mall image

DLF Emporio Mall, Delhi: Video

There is huge festival line up ahead and if shopping is on your mind then head to DLF Emporio Mall. India's only Luxury mail. See more!

Asim Waqif image

Asim Waqif Artist: Video

Urban commentator? Artist? Architect? Social activist? None of these can truly convey the depth and excitement that Asim brings to each of his projects. See more!

Ritu Dalmia Image

Ritu Dalmia, Delhi's Great Chef: Video

For the Kings and Queens of culinary worlds - merging art with food, flaming temptation and weaving words with charm comes easy. See more!

NGMA image

National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi: Video

NGMA showcases masterpieces of the changing art forms spanning more than 150 years. See more!

The Crossover image

The Crossover: Video

Walking on Delhi roads is not just "walking". It also has adventure written all over it. And, one thing is for sure it is not for the faint hearted. See more!

Razing Rareness image

Razing Rareness: Writing

Divyanshu Dutta Roy talks about urban India has been overrun by multiplexes, shopping malls, branded apparel and chain restaurants! More

Hauzkhas Village image

Haus Khas Village: Video

The winner of our first Anchor Contest Lavanya Choudhary picked up the assignment of exploring Delhi's Arty and interesting Hauz Khas Village. Click to find out more

The Big about the Small image

The Big About the Small: Writing

Sapna Bhatia asks "Why does the Big always swallow the Small?" See more!

Alecca Carrano Image image

Delhi Insight by Alecca Carrano: Writing

Alecca talks about what led her to choose Delhi as the place to live! More

Skavengers Image

Ska Vengers: Video

Ska Vengers are a Delhi based 8 piece band. Debut LP out in March 2012. Click to find out more!

Delhi Drum Circle image

Delhi Drum Circle: Video

A group of drummers meet regularly to play with the sound of music.The Delhi Drum Circle was born out of a casual conversation with friends. Click to find out more!

Anchor Contest image

Bring Home Stories Anchor Contest: Video

The event took place on the 24th of April 2011 and saw contestants reading some ridiculous scripts with a lot of seriousness. Watch!

Anchor Contest image

Bring Home Stories Anchor: Contest

The live anchor Contest took place at TLR on 24th April. Contestants were challenged to read read these lines to the camera with all the oomph they could muster! Lavanya Choudhary did a great job and our celebrity judges crowned her the winner. Watch!

Crafts Museum image

Crafts Museum, Delhi: Video

The moment you enter the Craft Museumyou feel like you have entered an oasis. Each exhibit tells the story of its creator and the journeys it has survived! Click to find out more!

Delhi in 24 hours image

Delhi in 24 hours: Explore

Delhi resident Mahima Kaul shows American tourist Lauren Core some of what Delhi has to offer! See more!

Delhi 100 Images image

Delhi 100: Photo Contest

We celebrated the city of New Delhi on its 100th anniversary with a photography contest in 2011. The brief was simple - "submit a picture that shows Old and New Delhi in a single frame". We got many thought-provoking and beautiful entries! The winner was Neha Chaudhary.

Launch image

Bring Home Stories Launch: Video

Bring Home Stories arrives with a bang! Click here to find out more!

Delhi National Railway Museum image

National Railway Museum, Delhi: Video

An official complaint for introducing toilets in Indian railways, a toy train and Royal Salons are some of the attractions you can see at this sprawling museum. Click here to find out more!

Quiet in Chaos image

Quiet in Chaos: Video

Margot Bigg, Author of MOON Living Abroad in India shows her Delhi in this Film - "Quiet in Chaos". Click to find out more!

Delhi Cuisine image

Delhi Cuisine: Video

Simon Chambers a British documentary filmmaker checks out the North and South Indian cuisine available in Delhi and walks out with sticky fingers. Click here to find out more!


Societe Naturelle

Societe Naturelle: Photo Essay


Jamini Design, Paris Zo Fidji

Jamini Design, Paris : Photo Essay



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