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Contest: Writing

Calling all student travellers... wanderers... storytellers!

We had an amazing array of entries on the theme of 'Most memorable journey in India'! Now we need your votes to decide which writer wins a prize! The top three most liked entries are winners of the contest.

The most liked entry/the winner of the contest gets 3000 Rs of cash prize and 4000 Rs worth of merchandise
The second most liked entry gets 2000 Rs of cash prize and 3000 Rs worth of merchandise
The third most liked entry gets 1000 Rs of cash prize and 2000 Rs worth of merchandise.

The winner will be announced on the 20th of May after all the votes have been counted!

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travel contest

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Withering Away

Kiran Bhargava

It was a beautiful dawn, serene in its silence. I craved to live but my spirits were chained. Even this nagging thought of gradual rusting away, seems to have gone for a leisurely morning stroll at the stream surrounded by multi-layered hills of Rangdum.

As the amateur photographers equipped with camera and expensive lenses began to board 14 X14 coach, it began to pour. It hardly rained in Laddakh during mid- August. I could not stop blaming anyone, but my hard luck, the mocking co-passenger for life.

Though the fellow voyagers soon got over the jinx and were captivated by the clean, ebon, arterial roads dividing the vast playground of sand and the stunning mountains into half. However, for me, this acceptance was another example of human's weakened spirit and fatalistic attitude.

The humming of my favourite song from yesteryears brought me back. After a game of hide and seek, the sun smiled over the gorgeous blue sky. I opened the droplets laden window and was stupefied by the mountain’s artistry. An assemblage of what looked like shikhars of the famous south Indian temples - turned into sculptures in the making, as we drew nearer, reminding me of the beautiful sculptures in the caves of Ellora. Who created these sculpture? The answer is not God for sure. On enquiry, the guide dryly informed that these were the oldest mountain ranges that had gradually withered away. Enlightened, I realized, even erosion could be so creative!

Vote for Kiran Bhargava

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