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Contest: Writing

Calling all student travellers... wanderers... storytellers!

We had an amazing array of entries on the theme of 'Most memorable journey in India'! Now we need your votes to decide which writer wins a prize! The top three most liked entries are winners of the contest.

The most liked entry/the winner of the contest gets 3000 Rs of cash prize and 4000 Rs worth of merchandise
The second most liked entry gets 2000 Rs of cash prize and 3000 Rs worth of merchandise
The third most liked entry gets 1000 Rs of cash prize and 2000 Rs worth of merchandise.

The winner will be announced on the 20th of May after all the votes have been counted!

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Summer Sunset in Shimmering Shimla

Anurima Chanda,
Jawaharlal Nehru University

We reached Shimla on a road meandering through tunnels, running besides sheer picturesque drops which added that tinge of excitement to the serene calm that mountains only can inspire.

The weather was pleasant even though it was a May which had scorched its way through India like a hot knife through butter. Here the sun was setting through orange hues, painting the hillside in tones of love.

On the Mall road a couple celebrated fleeting moments together through tender looks, touch and sighs as dusk enveloped the town and lit up the hillside with shimmering lights. Families jostled for space on the stands as the air turned still at the moment when sunlight finally decided to follow the sun and leave the terrestrial world. The glow of warmth still infused the gathering which found its way from the sunset to shops, examining wares being lustily pedaled by enthusiastic street hawkers and serious shopkeepers.

Woken up at night, Shimla glows forth a different tone, more humane and direct, more grounded than it ever did through the day. We remembered we were hungry and found a bakery shop serving eclairs and patties, before chasing it all down with cups of Infusion at the coffee house.

Both transcendental and immediate, lights at Shimla force contemplation, and at dusk one feels the infinity of nature from the forests, mountains and the stars shrink down to the swirls in conversations over a single cup of coffee

Vote for Anurima Chanda

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