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Through our film contest, Bring it on, Delhi.We invited people of Delhi to send their story ideas. Some of these films were made into short films.

But, the film that received top honours is "Delhi: A bird's eye view" by Rizwan Ansari. Rizwan lives in Delhi and is a student of engineering, he wrote and directed the film.

Delhi: A Bird's Eye view by Rizwan Ansari





Transcript of the Film

Delhi!- the mere mention of the enchanting city brings forth memoirs of crazy experiences and heartwarming incidents that tickles and drizzles at the same time as if breathing life into me. What strikes me the most about this mystic city is its age old relationship with its aviators-be it from a little sparrow to an 8 foot long wingspan eagle, the lovely red-beaked parakeets, the teasing cawing crows and not to forget the various variety of the one, without whose mercy no open statue dares to stand in all its glory, pigeons.

As the muezzin calls for the early morning Fajr prayer and the mandir is abuzz with devotees for morning poojan, the time witness’s not just people wrestling out of their beds but rustling of feathers, twitching, twisting as if someone magically breathed life in all the bird forms. Roosters are among the first ones to get up, confirming their triumph over others with a “cock-a-doodle-doo”. Wild pigeons could be seen taking their routine rounds around their feeding ground. Early risers would bring bajra, bread or leftovers now and then. The feast is soon adjoined by crows and sparrows. A sudden honk or a dog-bark and the gang could be seen drifting in circles, over the electric wires, round the poles and buildings, crossing each barrier with flawless mobility and precision, as if dancing to welcome the day. The sky could be seen swarming with life. A close watch and soon you’ll find the magic of life in the form of parrots, ducks, cranes and a plethora of bird varieties swooping by, sometimes in small numbers and sometimes making elegant patterns.

As the day grows, eagles could be seen screeching, flying high in their grandeur, suddenly gathering around a roof as people would throw pieces of meat high up in the sky. Eagles could be seen swooping down as a sword, clinching their feast in mid-air and flying away in such swiftness that you are left aghast by their grace. Thought of as generations old tradition, feeding eagles is considered very pious. Some even believe it protects their homes from evil and magic. Though some would feed them leftovers from their daily meat ration, you could always buy meat specially made for eagles from the meat vendors.

As the clock strikes for Asr(evening prayer), it seems the sky has come to life again as hoards of kabootarbaaz(pigeon lovers) let loose their precious possessions for an evening stroll. Masters whistling fiercely as their pigeons would circle their home in huge rounds. Suddenly dispersing, stretching, feasting and then joyfully up for some more rounds of flying. This continues till the evening sun drifts away. As the few remaining rays die out, you could see a few of the little birds chasing them gleefully while others could be seen rushing to their humble abodes.

A day in Delhi’s sky life and one could see how the love of Delhiites for its aviators has sustained through the ages. Maybe it’s a vent for all those things they always wished for, maybe touch the sky, fly down to horizon, slow down for a while in this fast paced city. The few minutes of feeding, watching, enjoying with these lovely angels seems to bring satisfaction to the heart.Dreams and desires mixed in the screeching of the bird calls resonate from dusk to dawn, reaffirming again and again what has always been said…”Dilli dilwalon ka shahar hai.” As Delhi dozes off so does its aviators to rise again tomorrow with a new day and new hopes.

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