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Bring Home Stories Content: OFFBEAT

CW Pencil Enterprise

CW Pencil Enterprise: Photo Essay

We all have a nostalgic "pencil" story" that is a knock on the doors of our childhood. The pencil is lost in today's world but far from the madding crowd there is shop that is all about pencils. Indulge Now

Free School Under the bridge

The Free School under the Bridge, Delhi: Photo Essay

Sanvi Bhatia, a seven year old photo-journalist debuts on bring home stories. She writes about a unique school in Delhi. Located under the Yamuna bridge more than two hundred children study here for free. Here's the story.

Pickled PPepper Image

Pickled PPepper: Video

Most of us can not imagine what it must be like to struggle with speech.Abhiskek Anid Dutta's film on the Indian stammering association (TISA) sheds some light on people struggling with words. Watch

Brass Pots  image

The Hada of Uchhehra: Photo Essay

The one-of-a-kind story about the equally unique pots of dowry, handmade in the Indian heartland. Take a look.

Stamp Auction image

Stamp Auction: Photo Essay

Delhi recently played host to Stamp World 2014 complete with a rare stamps auctions. A photo-essay gives you an inside view of this inconspicuous world. See more!

Playing Cards image

Playing Cards: Photo Essay

From a quirky fixation to elaborate conspiracy theories, the world of lost playing cards is one that has a surprising number of takers and as many stories. Brazillian designer Lucas tells his story! See more!

Medicine Baba image

Medicine Baba: Photo Essay

At an age when it is perfectly acceptable to hang up your boots, seven years ago, Omkarnath merely bought a new pair and started walking the streets of Delhi bringing healthcare to the people for it was least accessible. See more!

Kite Club Community image

Kite Club Community: Photo Essay

At times when India gets a long-sought respite from harsh weather elements and skies turn a brilliant shade of blue, scores of kites take to the skies to signal the arrival of festivities. See more!

Image of Flowers

Why do we love Flowers: Writing

Sapna Bhatia, Founder of Bring Home Stories talks about flowers, from her childhood to the present day! Read

Flowers in Bollywood image

Flowers in Bollywood: Video

This short film is a floral tribute to the world of Indian Cinema on its 100th anniversary. Watch

Delhi: A birds eye view image

Delhi: A birds eye view: Video

Through our film contest, Bring it on, Delhi. We invited people of Delhi to send their story ideas. Some of these films were made into short films. But, the film that received top honours is "Delhi: A bird's eye view" by Rizwan Ansari. watch!

Save Delhi Image

Save Delhi: Video

On the 16th Dec 2012, a 23 year old woman was brutally raped, beaten and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi by four men. While she battled with death, thousands of people protested in Delhi. See more!

Razing Rareness image

Razing Rareness: Writing

Divyanshu Dutta Roy talks about urban India has been overrun by multiplexes, shopping malls, branded apparel and chain restaurants! More

The Big about the Small image

The Big About the Small: Writing

Sapna Bhatia asks "Why does the Big always swallow the Small?" See more!

The Crossover image

The Crossover: Video

Walking on Delhi roads is not just "walking". It also has adventure written all over it. And, one thing is for sure it is not for the faint hearted. See more!

Alecca Carrano Image image

Delhi Insight by Alecca Carrano: Writing

Alecca talks about what led her to choose Delhi as the place to live! More

Skavengers Image

Ska Vengers: Video

Ska Vengers are a Delhi based 8 piece band. Debut LP out in March 2012. Click to find out more!

Delhi Drum Circle image

Delhi Drum Circle: Video

A group of drummers meet regularly to play with the sound of music.The Delhi Drum Circle was born out of a casual conversation with friends. Click to find out more!

Anchor Contest image

Bring Home Stories Anchor Contest: Video

The event took place on the 24th of April 2011 and saw contestants reading some ridiculous scripts with a lot of seriousness. Watch!

Launch image

Bring Home Stories Launch: Video

Bring Home Stories arrives with a bang! Click here to find out more!

Quiet in Chaos image

Quiet in Chaos: Video

Margot Bigg, Author of MOON Living Abroad in India shows her Delhi in this Film - "Quiet in Chaos". Click to find out more!


For A While Cottages, Himachal

For A While Cottages: Photo Essay


Societe Naturelle

Societe Naturelle: Photo Essay


Sunder Nursery, New Delhi

Sunder Nursery, New Delhi: Photo Essay


Madan Meena

Madan Meena Artist: Photo Essay


Jamini Design, Paris Zo Fidji

Jamini Design, Paris : Photo Essay


CW Pencil Enterprise

Free School under the Bridge: Photo


Where is Abhishek?


Travel Contest image

Travel Writing Contest: March 2015




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