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The homes in Kathputli colony are so closely knitted that it feels like one big family and the space so scarce that you end up having conversations with everyone. The artists living here are happy to talk about their craft and share stories of their travels, mostly as ambassadors of Indian culture. It has been more than forty years since a group of puppeteers, magicians, dancers and storytellers started living in this colony.

The Delhi government has now sold the land on which the colony rests to a private builder and asked the residents to move to transit camps.

After the people move to transit camps, the colony will be razed and a new mall and high rise will be made.The builder will give residents of Kathputli Colony flats after two years. It is a move that has caused furore as most of the people living in the colony do not want to leave their homes.

We will be working with the people of Kathputli Colony to raise awareness about their plight.

We organised a photo walk in the colony with Manira Chaudhary who manages humans of Kathputli Colony page on 15th May 2014. And, we are also working on a documentary on the issue and you can see the trailer.





Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image Kathputli Colony Image
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