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Eat: Photoessay

By Chihwei Yu
For me, Tea is not a drink it connects me to different cultures and I am always fascinated by the stories that they hold in their leaves. Tea Place by Manjushree in Delhi's Metropolitan Mall is a haven for India's finest teas. Darjeeling, Assam and the blends they have it all and the best part here is the tea drinking experience

 tea Place

A vintage feel and an ambience that transports you to the era where drinking tea was an exercise in indulgence. That is the charm of the Tea Place

 tea Place

Drinking tea at the Tea Place is a royal experience. The chairs are set close enough for romance and the tables are set far enough to give you the space for private conversation.

 tea Place

The culture of drinking tea travelled from China to Europe. The Chinese tea was served in cups without handles but in England a demand for cups with handles led to the establishment of potteries like Wedgwood and Royal Dolton.
At the Tea Place your tea arrives in Noritake crockery from Japan - as you can see the gold rim, adds that touch of Regalia

 tea Place

The Tea Place has a huge collection of teas.Black teas, green teas and white teas are all available here and brewed carefully with the tea timer. Earl Grey rose and Passion fruit Tea are our favourites.Teas are grown in Manjushree plantations and also picked up at auctions.

 tea Place

The steward dressed in white shirt and black apron brings back memories of "Jeeves" in the famous tales of P.G Wodehouse. “If you choose the white tea with stawberry flavor, I think the lemon pond cake will be a good one” He suggested.

 tea Place

Electricity wires, plugs and power sockets are always an eye sore in restaurants in Delhi. We were surprised to see elegant power boards gleaming and adding that look of lost world charm to the Tea room

 tea Place

The Tea Place is great to read a book, to think or just to enjoy a lovely afternoon with old friends. Surround yourself with nostalgia and let memories fill the space.

 tea Place

The Tea Place makes me think of the Rose Garden in Taiwan. The place is inspired by the British Tea rooms and brings to you the most aristocratic tea time, a bit of English style in Taipei.

 tea Place

With a wide offering of teas, coffees and drinks, Rose House's signature rose tea and fruit teas are a refreshing and tasty accompaniment to conversation at the table. And, tea served in Aynsley China, will takes you back to the British golden times.

 tea Place

Robert Huang, a Taiwanese artist known for rose oil paintings, established Rose Garden in 1990. Now the brand has expanded to London, New York, Japan and other countries. It’s a place that combines arts, tea, culture and rose.





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