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Eat: Photoessay

By Christine Pemberton
Sugar cane juice. Ganne ka rus.
If you think of sugar-cane juice stands, a ubiquitous sight in Mumbai, as a pile of sugar cane on the road, waiting to be squeezed into glasses of dubious hygiene…well, you can think again.
Welcome to Gupta Sugarcane, an unpretentious, spotlessly clean juice shop in Colaba.

Date Published: 10th March 2016

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

Close to the iconic Gateway of India, bang opposite the stately Royal Bombay Yacht Club, this juice stand is super neat and clean and tidy, and oh-so-proud of this.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

Offering a whole raft of generous discounts, the staff at this tiny stall are delighted to show you how they squeeze their juice in totally hygienic conditions.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

The raw material. But not heaped on the road, but rather stacked neatly and cleanly.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

Pure juice. No ice inside the crusher. Gupta Sugarcane is rightly proud of its reputation.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

The owners of Gupta Sugarcane are quick to point out how their “ganne ka rus” is hygienic and unadulterated.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

A steady stream of customers, an equally steady stream of positive comments online, and this tiny stall is making its presence felt. Clean and safe and generous discounts - what’s not to love?

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

The speciality of the house, sugar cane juice, comes in 3 different sized glasses, but regardless of whether you drink a ‘Nano,” a “Varanasi” or a “Sagar” sized glass, they always advocate adding ginger and lemon, for a truly delicious thirst-quencher.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

A little bit of self publicity never did anyone any harm, now, did it? Their spick-and-span cleanliness is their proud USP.

Gupta Sugarcane, Mumbai Photo

They send you on your way refreshed and with a bit of philosophy.





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