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Design: Photo

By Christine Pemberton

Take one young designer.
Add a dash of champagne (fizzy) and a love of Harry Potter (goblet).
The result? The most luscious “juttis” you can imagine.
We are fans.
Date Published: 25th February 2016

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

First things first. What exactly is a “jutti”?
A “jutti” is, according to the dictionary, “a type of footwear common in North India and neighbouring regions.” But this bland statement does not do any justice whatsoever to the gorgeous confections that Fizzy Goblet designs.

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

The creative brains behind Fizzy Goblet’s fun and funky juttis is Laksheeta Govil, a designer by training, whose first foray into the world of creating amazing shoes was, in her own words, “a personal project of hand-painting canvas shoes. “ And the business background of her partner Abhinav Mehra helped in the early days, when their only seed capital was a small loan from their parents.

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

Fizzy Goblet believes in marrying the traditional with the bang-up-to-date-new. “We wanted to make available a fun, designer pair of shoes which was an instant pick-me-up and also pocket-friendly.”

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

There is a belief out there that traditional “juttis” have a hard, uncomfortable sole that requires some degree of suffering to break them in. Fizzy Goblet tackles this perceived problem with treated and specially cushioned pure leather soles, making them feel more like shoes. And comfortable from the start.

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

Coveting these mirror-spangled juttis, the words of the ever articulate Laksheeta ring true:
“I use my shoes as my mirror and reflect my everyday experiences, fleeting thoughts and many emotions, with the hope that others like and relate to what they see.”

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

Why should shoes be symmetrical? Why should both feet match? Fizzy Goblet believes firmly in making fun and eye-catching juttis, like this almost-but-not-quite-matching pair.

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

The idea of ‘juttis” as fun appeals. Why shouldn’t the cable snake its way from one foot to the other?

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

Marrying the traditional Indian “jutti” with the western lace-up brogue. And why ever not?

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

From its beginnings in 2010, this young and fun brand has made huge strides (pun absolutely intended) and these iconic shoes are now well and truly in the Indian fashion map, with much anticipated collections being released every 3 months. You find them in the best of stores.

Fizzy Goblet Designer Juttis

The Fizzy Goblet story combines everything you could wish for. Young entrepreneurs, a quirky idea, tradition, fun. And shoes.
We are most definitely fans.





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